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Hi! I'm a Computer Science MSc student with a strong inclination towards Machine Learning. The idea of creating systems that can learn, adapt, and evolve, fascinates me profoundly. With a solid foundation in computer science and mathematics, my goal is to leverage this knowledge to explore the vast potentials of Machine Learning. I am prepared for this complex yet thrilling path, aspiring to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution.


I have always been drawn towards the fulfillment that comes from overcoming challenges. This insatiable curiosity has not only led me to delve deeply into the realms of computer science and mathematics, but also motivated me to learn six languages. For me, this journey is more than just a linguistic achievement, it is about embracing diversity, understanding different cultures, and fostering global connections around the world.

French - Native100%
English - Fluent (TOEIC 970/990)95%
Italian - Proficient75%
Chinese - Intermediate40%
Arabic - Intermediate50%
Dutch - Beginner25%


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  • European Space Agency

    Noordwijk, The Netherlands

    Implemented techniques and frameworks related to robustness and uncertainty quantification for space exploration, and evaluated on-board AI applications.

    Available soon

  • CNRS and Inria

    Paris, France

    Optimized the effectiveness of Natural Language Processing by implementing Transformers and attention mechanisms inspired by human cognition.

    Available soon

  • Ministery of Defense

    Paris, France

    In-depth study of immersive technologies (VR, AR, MR) on their functional principles and future applications in the fields of defense, security and civilian use.

    Available soon

  • CNRS and Inria

    Paris, France

    Uncertainty quantification in Convolutional NN. Reduction of epistemic and aleatoric uncertainties using Ensemble techniques and Bayesian methods.

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See more details in my resume
  • Polytechnique Montréal

    Montréal, Canada

    Master's Degree

    in Machine Learning

    In September, I'll start advanced Machine Learning courses, dedicating myself to the development of a master's thesis with the aim of publication, establishing a foundation for PhD research endeavors.

    Available soon

  • Mines de Saint-Etienne

    Gardanne, France

    Master's Degree

    in Computer Science

    GPA : 4.0 / 4.0
    Ranked as one of the top graduate schools of engineering in France, Mines de Saint-Étienne is one of the French "Grandes Écoles" and is dedicated to training highly qualified engineers

    Electronics and Computing Machine Learning
    Object-Oriented Programming
    Processor Architecture
    Algorithms and Programming
    Python Optimisation Challenge
    Graphs and Optimisation
    Network Computing and Security
    Operating System Programming
    Analogue Electronics
    Digital Electronics
    Microcontroller Systems
    Electronic Systems
    MCSE Method
    Business and Management Financial and Production Strategy
    Business Strategy and Organisation
    Project Management
    Intellectual Property and Innovation
    Business Culture and Management Methods
    Engineering and Design Robotics Project
    UML Modelling
    Matlab Project - Application to Robotics
    System Design
    Interface Design
    Fundamental Electronics
    Analog Electronics
    Design of a Digital System
    Linear Automatics
    Prototyping Project
    Mathematics, Sciences, and Engineering Techniques Signal Mathematics
    Signal Processing
    Laboratory Experiments
    Applied Physics
    Material Properties
    Life Sciences
    Automatic Control and Servomechanisms
    Sensors and Actuators
    Energy Management
    Wireless Communication Solutions in IoT
    Finite Elements
    Soft Skills and Professional Development Sustainable Development
    Collective Intelligence and Agile methods
    Relational Development, Health at Work
    Social Integration Project
    Development of Relational Skills
    Documentary Research
    Language and Culture Languages (English, Chinese)
    Feedback from Experience: Internship Report
    Technical Internship in The Netherlands
    Intercultural Astonishment Report
  • ESA Academy

    ESA-ESEC Libin, Belgium

    Training Course

    in Cybersecurity

    In-depth study of cybersecurity challenges and risk mitigation strategies in the space industry, including the management of operational risks and acquiring experience in safeguarding space systems.

    Day 1 Welcome and Introduction
    ESA & ESA Education Programme
    Security Primer
    Introduction to Cyber-Security
    Cyber-Security Risk Management for Space Systems
    Day 2 Meet the Adversary
    Applied Cyber-Security Risk Management
    Introduction to Security Architecture and Design
    Cyber-Security Resources
    Day 3 Adversaries Tactics, Techniques, and Mitigations for Space
    A 101-Introduction to Applied Cryptography
    CCSDS Space Protocols
    Security on CCSDS
    Hands-On Exercises on the Security of Space Communication Protocols
    Day 4 RF Communications Introduction
    RF Communications Applied to Space Systems
    RF Attacks and Jamming to Space Systems and Mitigations
    RF Technologies and Software Defined Radio
    Hands-On Exercises on Software Defined Radio
    Day 5 Visit of the ESEC-Redu site
    SCCoE Tour and demonstration
    CSOC Tour and Demonstration
    Group Projects Presentations
  • Lycée Saint-Louis

    Paris, France

    BSc. Degree

    in Mathematics

    GPA : 4.0 / 4.0
    Intensive two year cursus in mathematics preparing for the competitive exams to enter the very selective and prestigious French engineering schools known as "Grandes Écoles".

    Available soon

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    Uncertainty Reduction in CNN
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    TOEIC Score
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    Machine Learning Specialization


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